“my” against. “mine” during the multiple manager possessive

“my” against. “mine” during the multiple manager possessive

“I so enjoy you taking my and you will Gregg’s kid to college now.” – but I would suggest “all of our son” and/or child’s term will be more natural than just “my and you will Gregg’s man”?

While i accept Warsaw Commonly, would it not nevertheless be grammatically proper to use “mine” in cases like this, if you believe from “mine” just like the speaking about “my personal kid”? That’s, can you imagine the initial sentence are this?:

– Okay, but I do believe Gregg’s kid will come first in that instance and work out clear just what “mine” are speaing frankly about:

In reality, it is really not precise throughout the fresh if or not we are talking on two pupils. In case it is that, in addition to presenter still really wants to mention both themself and you may Gregg, i quickly consider “Gregg’s and my personal man” could be more natural than simply “My personal and you may Gregg’s man”. Incase there are 2 – I might favor “Gregg’s and my family”, I think.

Hey porsche, I’m nonetheless not so sure

– I understand it is not everything you questioned, nevertheless the even more I believe regarding it, this new shorter reason I come across to mention either Gregg otherwise myself; each other knows whose child is in it. Whenever we present our very own girl so you’re able to somebody Really don’t believe i always state, “This can be Gregg’s and you may my personal daughter”, but possibly “This can be our girl” or “This really is my girl”. Furthermore, I think we had be much more planning say “my child” or “my daughter” than just “my child”, would not i? Otherwise whenever i stated loveaholics dating website before, just explore their label:

Towards the example considering in the totally new matter, my is correct and you will mine grammatically hopeless – the others merely build.

– We concur that everything say is the cure for the latest fresh question, however the other people isn’t only throughout the concept, it is more about category of sheer. I recently don’t believe one “my and you will Gregg’s child” was natural English. It doesn’t voice in my experience such as for instance things a native speaker carry out state.

Will, I agree with nearly all that you said, apart from one thing

You asserted that the first phrase is not too clear. I disagree. All of the variation put forth so far provides a very particular definition:

can just only suggest the exact same thing. Several would state it is ungrammatical, which have “my” upcoming first, but if not ungrammatical, it’s at the least considered impolite by most of the. This pronoun shift is very inappropriate, despite everyday address. For folks who talk similar to this, folks, “educated” or perhaps not, commonly consider you might be an early on teen whom can not establish their cellular phone.

may merely imply Greg have children, you may have a different child, and you will someone got each other college students to school. While this and additionally matical, it’s still rude. See the remark more than on the “my”.

Mention, evey single one of those designs is entirely unambiguous. Maybe are all grammatical, however will be avoided to have factors stated.

Past, Usually, your opinion about the need certainly to mention Greg is very well taken. Specifically for cases where Greg and you have children with her, it would be extremely unlikely to refer Greg whatsoever (rendering it also better one to “mine” meaans several additional kids). Earliest, by bringing-up Greg, it’s no less than implied that he’s maybe not in reality present. If it try the way it is, why must he additionally be mentioned? Might just say

We totally agree totally that the sentences you considering are unambiguous, but they might be every consequence of the translation of your brand new sentence. Okay, once the sbee next asks if it should be ‘my’, the guy really does make it clear, however, if we take the amazing sentence because really stands rather than you to definitely remark, i then however found it unclear. I thinkl that’s what I required.

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