These Apps Help You Find Love, Fun, Friendship, and Everything in Between

These Apps Help You Find Love, Fun, Friendship, and Everything in Between

Even if you’re the kind of person who loves the thrill of the hunt, the seemingly never-ending dating carousel can start to feel like a bit of a drag. Bad dates can be extremely demoralizing, especially if you’re having the same kind of negative experience over and over again. You start to lose faith in humanity when it feels like people are disappointing you on a loop. But this might just mean that your current dating strategy isn’t serving you. If that’s the case, then you’re going to want to try one of the nine best dating apps for your 30s.

After a seven-year relationship unexpectedly ended in my mid-30s, I knew that I had no choice but to get on dating apps, despite never having used them before. Luckily, I had friends with plenty of experience in the online dating world to direct me to the best dating apps for your 30s. I was fairly certain that Tinder wasn’t right for me-it just felt like the kind of thing you use to have fun in your 20s-and most of my pals agreed. That’s certainly not to say that you can’t find lasting love on Tinder, it’s just that most people don’t use it to find something long-term and serious, so you might as well skip it (unless some temporary fun is what you’re looking for, of course!).

Anecdotal evidence shows that if you’re willing to pay for an app, then you’re more likely to match with others who are also serious about finding love. However, that doesn’t mean you have to shell out money to find your future partner. The best dating apps for your 30s give you the option to pay, but don’t force it. This way, you can bop around and see what’s right for you without committing to a monthly payment.


Hinge’s motto immediately pulls you in. Designed to be deleted? Yes, please. For those wary of dating app-fatigue, this one’s for you. The app and its users are goal-oriented: the said goal being finding a meaningful relationship. Hinge is one of the best dating apps for your 30s because you really get a sense that the other users are looking for a true connection. It’s not as oversaturated with users as more popular apps like Bumble and Tinder, though it is quickly gaining traction.

As a result, for the most part, it all feels quite purposeful and earnest. The fact that there are fewer users does mean that you run out of swipes faster than on other apps, but that means also you waste less time scrolling. I met my current partner on Hinge and am quick to recommend it to those looking for the real deal. What can I say, it worked!


I’ve definitely spent a fair amount of time on Bumble and for the most part, found that the people who are on it are serious about finding relationships. There are a lot of people using this app, which is great because you never run out of potential lovers to check out. That said, because of the sheer volume of users, a ton of time can be spent swiping away with little to no success, so it’s definitely something to do while watching a chill show in the background.

Unfamiliar with Bumble? It’s designed around the concept that women make the first move. By putting you in the dating driver’s seat, it empowers you to connect with people you want to talk to. No dodging dicy messages necessary. (Plus, if you’re looking to meet new gal pals or network professionally, Bumble offers options for either of those, too.)

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